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Myanmar: New Media & New Expressions

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Opening up spaces for transformation: Charting changes in the Myanmar art scene, from socialist rule, to the mid-90s and the present day.

Talk the Walk

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Publication Project Launch Long overdue, a group of editors and writers are coming together to produce a substantial book on modern and contemporary Malaysian art with the working title: “Narratives in Malaysian Art”. Come to Rogue Art’s space 19 Jalan Berangan on Sat 5 Dec at 6pm to talk more about it!

Failing History

by Simon Soon

A visit to Galeri Petronas’s Changing Phases: Relative Spaces proves to be a disappointing encounter with a bland and politically correct account of modern Malaysia. They have failed history.

Sometimes the past is the future

by Suraya Warden

Exhibition Review: Within eleven works of art, in a small space, under fluorescent lighting can be held vision, talent and active potential. Al Cruz at Richard Koh Fine Art.

Art-to-Z: an Incomplete Kamus.

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There are a number of art dictionaries / glossaries / thesis cheat-sheets– but they are painfully boring. So, ARTERI presents the Malaysian Art Dictionary, a communal effort to list everything arty! Come on, you know you’ll love it!

Once Upon A Time In Malaya

Published on 27 June, 2009 by | 9 | Filed under: Essays | Tags: , , ,

by Ooi Kok Chuen

Peter Harris told me: “I never laid down any rule. I didn’t tell them what was the right style. I only taught them the method, not the style. I can’t tell them what to paint, or how to paint it. I only forbade the use of erasers because I wanted them to know where they went wrong.”

Reminisces and Thoughts on art history education in Malaysia

Published on 25 June, 2009 by | 7 | Filed under: Essays | Tags: , , ,

by Kelvin Chuah

For a long time now, people have been saying that we do not have sufficient writing and publications on Malaysian art. I am aware that this is an old debate.

Sneak Preview: Personal Favourites II @ Pelita Hati

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Some exhibitions deserve to be touted way before they open, just so that everyone can mark their organisers and make sure they don’t miss it. To wit: an opportunity to indulge in the secondary art market!

Captain’s Log Entries On Days With No End

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by Haseena Abdul Majid

Inspired by the legendary voyages of Admiral Cheng Ho, Singaporean artist Jason Wee first formed the skeletal of RUINS: Captain Log Entries on Days with No End during his residency at the Artspace Visual Arts Center in Sydney.


Published on 13 May, 2009 by | 11 | Filed under: Essays | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

by Yin Shao Loong

In conjunction with last weekend’s Art for Grabs fair at the Central Market Annexe political scientist and historian Farish Noor delivered another of his occasional lectures on Southeast Asian history. This time on ‘Batik as a Trans-Cultural Signifier.’

Coming Saturday: ART FOR GRABS + KL Alternative Book Festival

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ARTERI is all excited about the upcoming Arts For Grabs + KL Alternative Book Festival, running from 9 – 10 May 2009 at the Annexe Gallery.

Shadow painting

Published on 20 March, 2009 by | 1 | Filed under: Gallery, Highlights | Tags: , , ,


Between Generations: Redza Piyadasa and Vincent Leong

Peter Harris (1923-2009)

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Peter Barton Harold Harris, seminal founder of the Wednesday Art Group (WAG) in 1952, passed away on 14 March 2009. The Wednesday Art Group counted amongst its members Patrick Ng Kah Onn, Dzulkifli Buyong, Cheong Lai Tong as well as Syed Ahmad Jamal, who are modern art pioneers in Malaya.

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