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OK.Video FLESH (Call for entries)

Published on 21 June, 2011 by | Comments closed | Filed under: News | Tags: , , ,

CALL FOR ENTRIES – The OK. Video FLESH – 5th Jakarta International Video Festival 2011. Deadline 31st August!

Suggestions: 5. Playing badminton in an art gallery.

Suggestions For Lunch Time Activities In KL For Busy Government Workers returns! This time, featuring sweaty boys!

Suggestions: 4. Sleeping in an Art Gallery

Suggestions For Lunch Time Activities In KL For Busy Government Workers returns! Here’s a good way to escape the torrid afternoon sun! Siesta, anyone?

Between stillness and movement

Published on 8 October, 2009 by | Comments closed | Filed under: Reviews | Tags: , , , , , , ,

by Bill Nguyen

Review: Anthony Bannwart + Magnus Aronson’s Tempography @ Goethe-Institut, Hanoi

Our Hanoi correspondent discovers poignancy in the video medium – to catch a brief moment, a short movement, and the continuity of that moment/movement, which a photograph can’t record, and which the camera(man) tends to overlook.


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There’s little point in arguing about it really. Working with only the best, we can’t be anything else but too pleased and delighted to present to you The Best Art Show in the Univers.

SUGGESTIONS: 3. Sunbathing in an Art Gallery


For those of us who can’t get enough of the sun, theatre practitioner Ayam Fared shows us where and how to get the perfect tan line within our one hour lunch slot in the next installment of Suggestions For Lunch Time Activities In KL For Busy Government Workers

Suggestions: 2. Kite Flying In An Art Gallery


Suggestions For Lunch Time Activities In KL For Busy Government Workers is back. Take note, work-worn and culturally-deficient members of the civil service: more irresistably stimulating activities for you!

Ahem. Episode 2: Kite Flying in an Art Gallery.

Suggestions: 1. Cycling in an art gallery


Suggestions For Lunch Time Activities In KL For Busy Government Workers: 1. Cycling in an art gallery

In order to promote the arts among government workers, CIPAN would like to suggest several exciting ways in which art appreciation can be combined with many of our nation’s favourite weekend activities.

Regardant La Peinture Secher (with English Subtitles)

Published on 29 May, 2009 by | 14 | Filed under: Gallery | Tags: , , , , ,

by Chi Too

There’s nothing like directing your first French film, which is the epitome of “serious” art house filmmaking. Produced specially for ARTERI, Chi Too’s Regardant La Peinture Secher (Watching Paint Dry) is humourously dedicated to the love of paint.

Bangkok, Thailand: My-ya-rab

Published on 22 May, 2009 by | 12 | Filed under: Gallery | Tags: , , ,

by Eva McGovern

I was forwarded this link to a new work by Thai artist Wit Pimkanchanapong and Duckunit studio. I was so hypnotised by it that I had to share it with you all. It’s called My-ya-rab which is a type of sensitive plant or Mimosa in Thai and is a large scale kinetic sculpture currently installed at Bangkok Art & Cultural centre.

Brand New 2009: Thailand’s new set of creative Younglings

Published on 18 April, 2009 by | 2 | Filed under: Reviews | Tags: , , , , ,

by Tunyaporn Hongtong

It has come to a point where I’m not sure if this exhibition is recognised solely as a platform for promoting the works of new Thai artists or that there’s an expectation that these artists would soon join the ranks of their predecessors to become the hot new thing in Thailand’s contemporary art scene. After all, the exhibtion is known to be a launch pad for the career of some of Thailand’s most well-known contemporary artists (Arin Roongjang, Porntaweesak Rimsakul, Yuree Kensakoo etc.). Reflecting on this, I reckon it does work both ways. And actually… why waste time doubting it anyway? It’s a good art project when you get right down to it.

Battle K.O. Indieguerillas

Published on 27 March, 2009 by | Comments closed | Filed under: Reviews | Tags: , , , ,

by Simon Soon

Indieguerillas consists of Miko and Santi, a dynamic husband and wife tag team, who operate the label as a design firm/consultancy as well as an artistic collaboration. It’s not entirely true, though, to consider what they do as purely collaborative because an element of combat is central to their creative process, reflecting a practice that pays homages to two different cultural streams – one that is as contemporary as street art and as old as the wayang.

Phantoms of Nabua

Published on 13 March, 2009 by | 1 | Filed under: Gallery | Tags: , ,

by Simon Soon

No one speaks of the quotidian in a more fluently surreal language than Apichatpong Weerasethakul. I always like the way he describes his films. In this new short film, specially commissioned for AnimateProjects as part of his new installation ‘Primitive’, he speaks of it as a portrait of home and projects a vision of a place that is both destructive and tender, painting a tableaux that vividly sticks to one’s imagination.

Ming Wong’s Four Malay Stories

Published on 6 March, 2009 by | 13 | Filed under: Gallery | Tags: , , ,


One of ARTERI’s commitment is to trawl the cyberspace in search of video works from Southeast Asia that are uploaded onto youtube or other video channels and bring them to our readers’ attention.

The inaugural entry for this series highlights excerpts from Ming Wong’s Four Malay Stories, commissioned in 2005 for Labilabu, a two-man exhibition with Khairuddin Hori as part of Pesta Raya Malay Cultural Festival at the Esplanade, Singapore.

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