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Sea of Stories

Published on 18 March, 2011 by | Comments closed | Filed under: Reviews | Tags: , , , , ,

A review of Yee I-Lann’s book Fluid World. ‘A multi-layered, multi-textural, malleable, plastic world containing multiple narratives’

Myth and Songs

Published on 15 June, 2010 by | 22 | Filed under: Gallery | Tags: , , , , ,

Who would have guessed that one of Malaysia’s pre-eminent figurative painter is also literati at heart? Jai ventures into poetry in his recent solo exhibition.

Tapping into the intangible

Published on 17 May, 2010 by | 2 | Filed under: Reviews | Tags: , , , , ,

Knowing that VWFA featured new batik works by Greek artist Tano, one expected that strange and irrelevant combination when West infiltrates East. Instead, Bharti Lalwani found quite the contrary.

Captains Log: Day 28

Published on 30 November, 2009 by | Comments closed | Filed under: Reviews | Tags: , ,

By Eva McGovern

A Very Belated Exhibition Review: With no land in sight audiences ask where is the Art? Jason Wee at Valentine Willie Fine Art 6-23 May 2009 challenges the viewer to think about borders, memory and the definition of photography but are they up to the task?

A Chance to Listen and Learn Once More

Published on 6 September, 2009 by | 6 | Filed under: Reviews | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

By Eva McGovern

Review: Liew Kwai Fei’s Paintings for All Ages / Paintings with Extended Space @ No 19 Jalan Berangan

Liew Kwai Fei’s abstract conceptualisations around colour theory, the purity of form, and objectivity.

Musings on exhibition making: a response to two

By June Yap

Two different exhibitions opened on the same evening and venue early August 2009: The Air Conditioned Recession: A Singapore Survey organised by Valentine Willie Fine Art, and Curating Lab: 100 Objects (Remixed) organised by the National University of Singapore (NUS) Museum.

Whose Who?: Rock Kaka

Published on 2 June, 2009 by | 56 | Filed under: News | Tags: ,

by Alex Yong

Rock Kaka: Fahmi Reza, Callen Tham, Fairuz Sulaiman, Saiful Razman and Vincent Leong, 27 May – 13 June 2009 @ Valentine Willie Fine Art

Doesn’t kaka mean ‘poop’ in French? Enjoy some scenes from the 27 May opening, and make sure you catch this cool shit show. Guess who was there, looming underfoot, and larger than life?

Construction Sites: Control and Identity within the Built Environment

Published on 20 May, 2009 by | Comments closed | Filed under: Reviews | Tags: , , , , , , ,

By Eva McGovern

How aware are we of the influences of State urban planning on the creation of identity? Like it or not the positioning of infrastructure – housing, hospitals, schools, transport and government networks all inform individual and public consciousness. Where we live, where children go to school, where we shop and who we do all of this with is a carefully crafted construct designed by public and private individuals.

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