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A Call to Action

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FX Harsono: Testimonies a retrospective and tribute to the Indonesian’s artist position in the development and redefinition of contemporary art within the country.

Realism in Asia

Realism in Asia had evidently moved beyond a strategy appropriated from the West as it began to advance in response to specific cultural-historical contexts.

A Pantheon for the Contemporary

Canonisation is apparently no longer a task meant for the descendants. Our Singapore contributor looks at the sticky relationship between contemporary art and art history.

Nothing is Wasted

5th Asian Museum Curator’s Conference: Independent & institutional curators from across South East Asia and Japan share their responses.

The President’s Young Talents: Art and its Contemporaries

by Ho Rui An

The President’s Young Talents, Singapore’s answer to the Turner Prize, is the talk of the town. Our correspondent takes us on an exhibition walkthrough, and along the way, muses about the cultural climate of the island nation.

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