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Just Another Rant…

Published on 16 February, 2011 by | 4 | Filed under: Essays | Tags: , , , , , ,

Re-thinking what’s ‘artistic’: how is it possible we’re producing art students who haven’t heard of George Lucas, Peter Jackson or James Cameron?

Cuti Galactica

Published on 10 February, 2010 by | 2 | Filed under: Gallery | Tags: , , , ,

It’s holiday season. Again! Valentine’s Day is also upon us, but some of us only have love for sci-fi. If you haven’t figured out where to go yet, here are some gaga galactic suggestions from ARTERI.

Killa Bots! An R2-D2 sized History of Robots

Published on 21 June, 2009 by | 20 | Filed under: Essays | Tags: , , ,

by Yin Shao Loong

Find R2-D2 and C-3PO too cutesy and straight? Like your robots murderous, nasty, and existential? We love killa robots, don’t we? Read on to find out about their origins, influences, and what it all could mean for us. Quick! Before they get us!

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