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A Leap Forward For Graffiti Art in Malaysia

Published on 22 December, 2010 by | 8 | Filed under: Profiles | Tags: , , ,

Graffiti art in Malaysia leapt a level up when graffiti artists from around the world gathered at the Pasar Seni LRT station for the KUL SIGN Festival Graffiti.

Whatchoo Doing This Weekend?

Published on 3 December, 2010 by | Comments closed | Filed under: News | Tags: , , , , , ,

So much stuff on the art calendar! Here’s what you should check out this weekend: Graffiti on the Klang River, Pekan Frinjan, young artists & Yee ILann’s Fluid World.

Graffiti Live!

Published on 30 October, 2009 by | 5 | Filed under: Gallery | Tags: , , ,

by Eva McGovern

KL graffiti collective TLG is getting some love from ARTERI. Here’s a shout out on some of the video documentations of their work in this fair city of ours.

Sightings: Totally Radically Saved!

Published on 16 September, 2009 by | Comments closed | Filed under: Gallery | Tags: , ,

by Zedeck Siew

This week on Sightings:

Pray n’ spray. Graffiti in Bangsar celebrates personal salvation of the radical kind.

TLG Graffiti Gallery!

Published on 8 August, 2009 by | 10 | Filed under: Gallery | Tags: , , , , , ,

By Eva McGovern

TLG is a new graffiti art movement screaming through the streets of KL. It stands for talangjan which in this cases means producing the best of the best graffiti art in Malaysia that doesn’t imitate but innovates its own unique local style. ARTERI present a graffiti image gallery of the movement’s most recent work.

First Peaks and Last Chances!


A round up of this week’s exhibition openings and closings in KL. So many works, shows, and people to see, get yer skates on, its going to be a busy 7 days for the Art World!

Malaysian Graffiti Artists + UK Graff Aerosol Arabic

Published on 1 July, 2009 by | 4 | Filed under: News | Tags: , , , ,


Talk with local and international graffiti artists as part of Art and Knowledge Tour 09. Sunday 5 July, 8-10pm, Annexe Gallery. Organised by the Young Muslims Project, and the British Council, Malaysia.

Graffiti Heroes: Part 2

Published on 20 April, 2009 by | 9 | Filed under: Essays | Tags: , , , ,

By Eva McGovern

With names such as They, The Kioue, Tha-B, The A80s, The Damis, Mile09, F-code, Jo Tribe, Phobia Klik and Vector Crew to name a few of the pyseudonyms, graffiti artists in KL are committed to their practice. The largest and longest and perhaps most well know ‘gallery’ of their work used to be the along the banks of the Klang River by Pasar Seni LRT. Beginning in 2006 it soon became an organised project with artists being invited to contribute which eventually led to 300 meters of artwork on display by over 30 artists.

Graffiti Heroes: Part 1

Published on 19 April, 2009 by | 3 | Filed under: Essays | Tags: , , ,

By Eva McGovern

Graffiti. Is it art or is just vandalism? Perhaps by now, after numerous articles in the popular media have posed this question some answers need to be provided. Even better, a realisation that this is actually the wrong question to ask. A more interesting one could be to consider whether or not graffiti is strong enough as an art form to function within mainstream contemporary art. Or is its recognition and respect only to be found within its own alternative sub culture?

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