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To Be A Pemberontak

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Are we moulded from young into the shape of sheep? Pemberontak means ‘rebel’ in the Malay Language. But it can also be used to denote ‘traitor’.

Our Thoughts Are Free: Poems + Prose on Imprisonment + Exile

Published on 15 May, 2009 by | 6 | Filed under: News | Tags: , , , ,

by Zahirah Suhaimi

In light of recent arrests under the name of ISA (Internal Security Act), the launch of Singaporean publication, Our Thoughts Are Free, could not have come at a more apt, or darker, time. The book is a collection of poems and prose written by victims who have suffered under the draconian enforcement of the Singapore Internal Security Department and/ or forced to live in exile, dragged and casted away from the country they lived for, fought for, faced internment for and willing to die for.

From blackness there was more darkness

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Political analyst Wong Chin Huat has just been detained under the Sedition Act, for his writing and for initiating the 1Black Malaysia campaign. The aim of the campaign was to get all Malaysians to wear black on 7 May, in protest against Barisan National’s apparently unconstitutional take-over of the Perak state government.

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