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Back To The Future!

Published on 2 August, 2010 by | 6 | Filed under: Essays | Tags: , , , , ,

Ponderings and Wanderings on the Future of Art and Creativity


Published on 26 September, 2009 by | 9 | Filed under: News | Tags: , , , , , , , , ,


There’s little point in arguing about it really. Working with only the best, we can’t be anything else but too pleased and delighted to present to you The Best Art Show in the Univers.

Found in KL: Playin’ With Da Peepz

Published on 11 September, 2009 by | 9 | Filed under: Profiles | Tags: , , , , , , ,

Pendatang halal chi too wants to play anak ayam, kejar-kejar, konda kondi with the people over at Dataran Merdeka at the end of each month.

Sightings: Kenny Sia’s Google Pin

Published on 5 September, 2009 by | 4 | Filed under: Gallery | Tags: , , ,

by Zedeck Siew

Sightings is a new series of posts based on curious specimens of visual culture collected around Malaysia.

First up: the strange manifestation of an Internet celebrity’s big blue thing! What does it say about Google’s forays into the real world?

Deconstructing Liew Kung Yu’s ‘Cadangan-cadangan untuk negaraku’

Published on 21 August, 2009 by | 12 | Filed under: Gallery | Tags: , , ,

by Latif Kamaluddin

A circumvention of Liew Kung Yu’s recent series via an uninterested exercise of visual ethnographic deconstruction.

Intersection Vietnam: New Works from North & South

By Kelvin Chuah

Exhibition Review: When was the last time contemporary Vietnamese Art was featured in its entirety in Kuala Lumpur? I must confess that I am no expert in Vietnamese contemporary art. In a way, I was looking forward to what this exhibition had to offer, in terms of contemporary practice. Man, was I blown away.

Sometimes the past is the future

by Suraya Warden

Exhibition Review: Within eleven works of art, in a small space, under fluorescent lighting can be held vision, talent and active potential. Al Cruz at Richard Koh Fine Art.

The emotive power of maps captured in artistic expression

By Suraya Warden

Exhibition Review: Artistic mapping is a cool idea. It is visually fun and has a point; one that works extremely well for the South Asian art scene as ‘Cartographical Lure’, the previous exhibition at Valentine Willie Fine Art, proves.

Bangkok: Healing @ SOL Gallery

Published on 7 June, 2009 by | 2 | Filed under: Reviews | Tags: , , , , ,

by Tunyaporn Hongtong

They say the boundary between art and psychosis is a very thin line. Sometimes, the line is so thin that it starts to blur and enables both artists and psychopaths to traffic unhindered.

Captain’s Log Entries On Days With No End

Published on 2 June, 2009 by | Comments closed | Filed under: Essays | Tags: , , , ,

by Haseena Abdul Majid

Inspired by the legendary voyages of Admiral Cheng Ho, Singaporean artist Jason Wee first formed the skeletal of RUINS: Captain Log Entries on Days with No End during his residency at the Artspace Visual Arts Center in Sydney.

Manila, Philippines: Nilo Ilarde Exhibition Review

Published on 29 May, 2009 by | 12 | Filed under: Reviews | Tags: , , , ,

By Eva McGovern

On the last day of a recent trip to Manila, we went to see Nilo Ilarde’s exhibition Cold Cuts at gallery/cafe Mag:net in Quezon City. Ilarde is a mid career conceptual artist and curator known for his artistic interventions of internal gallery architecture.

labDNA’s Box of Ideas

Published on 25 May, 2009 by | 1 | Filed under: News | Tags: , , , , ,


Announcement: The Box of Ideas is packaged and priced as a cigarette box. But instead of 20 nicotine fixes, you get 100 ideas from artists, activists and other agent provocateurs. It will be promoted via luscious cigarette girls+boys embedded in social events throughout Kuala Lumpur from 27 June 2009.

Submit your ideas!

Awesome: Braid

Published on 25 May, 2009 by | 6 | Filed under: Gallery | Tags: , , , , ,

by Zedeck Siew

In the spirit of sharing:

If you are an observer in any capacity of the videogame industry, 2008’s Braid was hailed as a significant milestone for the games-are-art argument. It’s easy to see why: painterly visuals and ingenious, spare gameplay mechanics — which tie into the game’s primary meditation: time, or our longing to reverse past wrongs.

Podcast: Bernard Chauly on Muzium Lampu

Published on 23 May, 2009 by | 1 | Filed under: Highlights, Profiles | Tags: , , , ,

By Nazim Esa

Bernard Chauly’s cross-cultural approach to his artistic discourse spans across theater, film, television and now, the visual arts; in this podcast interview, he talks about love, his work in the recent Light Show 2009 exhibition, and cooking!

Now with nifty photographic visuals!

Whose Who?: Jason Wee@ VWFA on May 6 2009

Published on 18 May, 2009 by | 1 | Filed under: News | Tags: , , ,

by Alex Yong

Jason Wee: Ruins – Captain’s Log Entries On Days With No End
06 May – 23 May 2009 @ Valentine Willie Fine Art

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