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Innocence Found

Published on 4 May, 2011 by | Comments closed | Filed under: Reviews |

Missed Tan Chui Mui’s ‘Year Without A Summer’? Phang Kuan Hoong reviews this beautiful Malaysian movie!

Sea of Stories

Published on 18 March, 2011 by | Comments closed | Filed under: Reviews | Tags: , , , , ,

A review of Yee I-Lann’s book Fluid World. ‘A multi-layered, multi-textural, malleable, plastic world containing multiple narratives’

Feng Shui For Your Soul

Published on 9 March, 2011 by | 43 | Filed under: Reviews | Tags: , ,

Munkao’s first solo exhibition is prosperous, auspicious, and oh so witty as Rachel Jena finds out.

Review: Model Citizens

Published on 7 February, 2011 by | 1 | Filed under: Reviews | Tags: , , , ,

“If you are not producing work, any reason you might give for not doing work is an excuse.”

Review: Bakat Muda Sezaman 2010

Published on 24 January, 2011 by | 11 | Filed under: Reviews | Tags: , , , ,

Bakat Muda Sezaman has always gotten the art scene heated up, with plenty of bitching and healthy (plus unhealthy) debate surrounding the exhibition, artists and winners.

Serangan Zombi Pertama di Malaysia

Published on 5 January, 2011 by | 5 | Filed under: Reviews |

Did you manage to catch Serangan Zombie Pertama di Malaysia? Read what Zedeck Siew had to say!

The National Visual Arts Development Board Bill 2010

Published on 26 December, 2010 by | 3 | Filed under: Highlights, Reviews |

It’s passed! A breakdown of the 2010 Bill compared to the existing National Art Gallery Act 1959 and what it could mean for the visual arts in Malaysia.

First Impressions

Published on 30 November, 2010 by | Comments closed | Filed under: Reviews | Tags: , ,

What’s it like for someone completely new to Malaysia and the art scene? A German visitor shares her experience at the NAG and Art Expo 2010.

Dance Film Dance: Musings on the Intermedia

Published on 11 November, 2010 by | Comments closed | Filed under: Reviews | Tags: , , , ,

A review of Daniel K’s ‘Hokkaido (Or Something Like That) at this year’s da:ns festival, Esplanade Theatre Studio, Singapore.

Body Reports 2, Myanmar

Published on 7 September, 2010 by | 2 | Filed under: Reviews | Tags: , , , , , ,

Poetry. Performance. Performing with poetic voice. Poeticizing a performance installation. All this was happening at Lokonat Gallery in Yangon, 13 – 15 Aug 2010.

Solitude Within A Dot

Published on 1 September, 2010 by | Comments closed | Filed under: Reviews | Tags: , , ,

Pop and Contemporary Fine Art Gallery, Singapore brings together a small but vibrant collection of paintings and silk screens by acclaimed Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

ARTRIANGLE – Fostering Regional Networks

Published on 10 August, 2010 by | Comments closed | Filed under: Reviews | Tags: , ,

Bayu Utomo Radjikin: Even though the participating artists might know each other and relations might be warm, there must be a ‘working relationship’

Recommended Reads: Under Construction

Published on 28 July, 2010 by | Comments closed | Filed under: Reviews | Tags: , , ,

Reading Olia Lialina’s The Vernacular Web takes me back into the early to mid nineties where the internet was a world which was constantly under construction.

Terror and Beauty

Published on 23 July, 2010 by | 1 | Filed under: Reviews | Tags: , , , , ,

While the three works on display can hardly be an adequate representation of the artist’s entire oeuvre, their spectacular nature offers a vivid illustration of Cai Guo-Qiang’s practice.

Underutilised Democracy

A look at Jogja Biennale X 2009: Jogja Jamming: Gerakan Arsip Seni Rupa. How can the masyarakat be empowered? First published in March 2010 issue of Off the Edge magazine.

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