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Opportunity: S.O.S Guilds Grant

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S.O.S. Guilds is a New York based art and sustainability entity that creates social changes by applying the power of artistic imagination to inform, inspire, engage, animate and motivate various communities around the world. We give grants to artists to execute art projects that highlight the issue of sustainability. Artists that are funded by S.O.S. Guilds are encouraged to pay it forward by funding others or give back to the S.O.S. Guilds pool of resources.

We offer a small grant of USD500 (approx RM1500), in two parts payment to guarantee the success and execution of the proposed project. As the founder of S.O.S. Guilds, I’m here to provide support, marketing, and conceptual thinking to help plan and troubleshoot any stages of the project. Projects must be completed within 3 months duration and be documented from start to finish on a blog to be shared with the wider online audience. Anyone can apply except residents of New York City due to a conflict of interest. Grantees must credit S.O.S. Guilds on all promotional materials.

By gathering like-minded artists that are interested in deploying art as a tool to awaken social consciousness, we as a collective whole around the world can make change one art project at a time.

Information for Applicants

This should include, your name, address, phone, email, website

The resume should include information about your education, exhibition history, awards, grants and residencies, details of any published writings, reviews or catalogs about your work.

Please provide the names, addresses and telephone numbers of two people who are familiar with your work.

Images should be of recent work, particularly if they relate to your proposal for S.O.S. Guilds. Submit digital images in jpg format. Each image must be labeled with your first initial and last name, then numbered to correspond to the image script. (example: 01_JSmith.jpg, 02_JSmith.jpg, etc.)

Include a numbered list that corresponds to the submitted slides. For each slide, include the title, date, materials and dimensions and, if necessary, a brief description of the work.

Submit a brief description of the work that you would like to produce. This can be a written description and/or a drawing, plan or rendering.

Email your proposal to sosguilds AT tattfoo DOT com

Deadline: 1 APRIL 2011

Selection panel: Derek Denckla (curator and founder of www.thegreenest.net and www.farmcity.us), Jose Ruiz (artist and curator) and Patricia Watts (curator and founder of www.ecoartspace.org)

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