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Dear Readers,

Here is some info on a project by Roslisham Ismail aka Ise that I also worked on with Vincent Leong, Bullet from the band Carburetor Dung, Bob from the band The Pilgrims and Jiji Ishak. It started over a year ago, through conversations about the Malaysian art world, and how we look and experience images. From there it turned into what Ise calls a ‘social collaboration’ with over 60 people giving their time, skills and commitment to make it happen. What viewers experienced was ‘invisible’ art mediated by a unique soundtrack. As an ARTERI Editor I wanted to inform our readers who may not have caught the show about it, but on behalf of everyone who worked on this, I would be very appreciative of any feedback on the show, the good, bad and ugly. The press release is below, along with some sound clips, and pictures from the three day event. We were really excited on the last night as well, because we were able to incorporate Deepset the Post Rock band we were working with to play in a completely new way to what they were used to. They each chose a room in the space and played (which included 2 new songs they created for the project) separately from one another and became a part of the installation and overall vibe of the show.

We have filmed and photographed everything so watch this space for more info…



Photo courtesy of Rachel Jena



A solo project by Roslisham Ismail aka Ise

Known for his irreverence, wit and use of travel as a social connector Roslisham Ismail aka Ise presents his most recent and complex conceptual project to date.  The artist reveals his never before seen mixed media drawing series as part of an ambitious project entitled GHOST at 15, Jalan Mesui, Kuala Lumpur. Produced during a period of insomnia the creation of these highly personal works finally allowed him to sleep after 24 images were made. Using this visual meditation as a starting point for conceptual ideas Ise aims to provide an alternative experience of contemporary art by challenging our dependence on visual images.

For this project, 10 drawings have been specially chosen and were presented to individuals from and outside the art world in closed-door critique sessions (artists, curators, lecturers, social bloggers and young children). The discussions were then recorded and edited into a soundscape that will be presented to the public in an exhibition held in April 2010, at the address above.


Through the aid of these soundscapes, viewers are invited to use their imagination to picture the work that they hear being described in the critique, along with a special recorded conversation between the artist and curators, and ambient sounds layered into this unique cacophony of voices.

Installed in a dark abandoned house, with only spoken words to fill the haunting and empty space, the artist intends to engage his audience with the notion of invisibility, narratives, site specificity and the use of sound in contemporary visual practice.

By blinding his audience, Ise wants to examine how we truly look at art. The removal of the works all together highlights that physical emptiness combined with intellectual consideration can be just as exciting and thought provoking an experience in contemporary art. With no image to distract us we are forced to consider ideas, and the spaces we view art in order to understand what images can mean and how we enjoy them.

GHOST is a highly collaborative project and is co-curated by Vincent Leong and Eva McGovern who are also working with members from legendary KL bands: Bullet (Carburetor Dung) and Bob (The Pilgrims). Taking place over a long weekend the project will open with DJ-sets by Asung (Jakarta) and Dan Mackinlay (Sydney). There will also be a special closing event with a live performance by local post rock band Deepset who will be musically responding to the drawings to create a spectacular finale to this intricate and ambitious project.

GHOST was on display from 16th-18th April 2010 and took place in15, Jalan Mesui, Off Jalan Nagasari, KL, Opening Hours were 6pm-Midnight

PS Carburetor Dung also blasted us all out by playing a special closing set. Thank you to everyone!


Listen to sample track 1:

Listen to sample track 2:

Listen to sample track 3:


All photos by Magnus Azami except where credited.

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