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Join us at Rimbun Dahan this Sunday!

Posted by on Tuesday, 23 February, 2010 at 9:00 AM. Filed under: News

Title: High Tea at the Pleasure Garden
Event: Discussion
Date: 28 February 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 3.30PM
Venue: Rimbun Dahan

Fancy taking a drive out of the city this Sunday? Come join us in the lush green gardens of Rimbun Dahan as we  play moderator at this Sunday’s ancillary event to the Rimbun Dahan artist residency exhibition, ‘High Tea at the Pleasure Garden‘.

The discussion, based on the site specific installation Pleasure Garden by Australian artists in residence Monika Behrens and Rochelle Haley, will centre around the impact of colonialism and monoculture on the environment, the aesthetics of nature, how we relate to our natural surroundings firstly through the garden (think Rimbun Dahan) and how the garden is a metaphor for man’s relationship to the natural world.

Staged within an early 20th century colonial Anglo-Malay house relocated from Georgetown, Penang, Pleasure Garden explores the roles of artificiality and decoration in the relationship between Malaysians and their built and natural environments. This site-specific installation is comprised of four components each exploring the fabric of Malaysian kitsch and nature during the colonial period and continuing into contemporary culture.

Panelists who have generously agreed to join us for ‘High Tea at the Pleasure Garden‘ include visual artist Hayati Mokhtar, director of Rimbun Dahan’s artist residency programme Angela Hijjas, environmental activist Yin Shao Loong and filmmaker Dain Said.

See you there!


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  1. manusia aje. says
    23/02/2010 10:23 AM

    visual artist,director,environmental activist,filmmaker!
    apa ini??

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