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Perhaps It Was Possibly Because

Posted by on Wednesday, 3 February, 2010 at 12:44 AM. Filed under: Gallery

Night If We Wanted

Wawi Navarroza: Perhaps it was possibly because
October 13 – November 7, 2009
Silverlens Gallery, Manila

“One scrambles for a unity of subject till one realizes that the subject is none other than the object that unites all these elements: the camera. One would think it takes an expert to get to know the camera, as if to know its workings intimately one needed the expertise of photographic composition & pictorial unity; & yet to truly discover the camera one must, in Navarroza’s words, “unlearn the ropes,” start from scratch, the utter violence of beginning once again. Doing so, she moves back as one who loves must always move back: Navarroza becomes not so much the skilled photographer noted for years in her field as a dedicated craftsman attuned to every technical & chemical detail, but the ideal amateur who is unable to progress, immobilized like the objects in her photographs, shooting against the proverbial need to move on.

“Always, there’s a love,” she continues in her artist’s statement, “How can it be possible for me to photograph something that I have not loved even at least for a fraction of a second?” Shooting no subject, she has inversely shot the camera, the object with which she shoots, ultimately the subject she has loved enough—again, “even at least for the fraction of a second”—to inadvertently shoot. She fumbles the way an amateur fumbles, the way a lover fumbles, always stumbling upon a new detail or two about the beloved: tattoo on the back, speed of the shutter, curlicue of hair, curve of apparatus, moistness of lip, brightness of flash. The shared bliss of the darkroom, the darkened room. Something develops: truly, the process is chemical. The camera’s beauty is inexhaustible; to know it in full & leave the camera no mystery is to extinguish it.”

-Angelo Suarez, excerpt from exhbition notes

Plus Minus

Departures, and flying patterns

I know someday you’ll have a beautiful life

Artist’s Studio

That they lost meaning

Enemies To Sleep

Even at the moment you know there’s time to travel through it again

Only one of us believes it

With every light

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  1. 阿辉 says
    03/02/2010 12:01 PM


  2. barnabas says
    04/02/2010 2:04 AM

    There’s a very poetic voice in these pictures. I can’t quite describe what it is. Perhaps it is how the photo is composed. Stark elegance in the way the subjects just sit in the frame and wait.

  3. 阿辉 says
    10/02/2010 11:36 AM

    我又觉得作品如‘Departures, and flying patterns’,‘I know someday you’ll have a beautiful life’,‘Even at the moment you know there’s time to travel through it again’中的影像与题目处理跟Ivan Lam 2009个展 Panorama 里的一些绘画与题目的处理是很是相似。莫非真是心有灵犀一点通?或东南亚国家联盟的艺术家家族相似性?或创作里的超地理相似性?又或是第三世界国家的城市现代化的相似的时代感和时空观?又或我想太多而又看的太少?一点相似性又何足挂齿。

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