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We’re in the mood for photography on ARTERI and are happy to let you all know about:


In the run up to the KL PHOTOAWARDS 2010, we are proud to bring to you the KL PHOTOAWARDS 2009 FLASHBACK! – A reunion of the photographers who participated in last year’s competition, the finalists and the judges.

Just in case you need a recap the judges from last year who will be attending are Beverly Yong, Majidah Hashim, Lim Chee Wah, and Pang Khee Teik.

The aim of this reunion is for everyone involved in KL PHOTOAWARDS 2009 to compare notes on the kinds of portrait photographs we received last year. What we liked. What we found funny. What we would really really really really really like to see more of.

The KL PHOTOAWARDS 2009 FLASHBACK! will also be introducing a truly global (and scandalous!) project called ABUSIDARTE.

Originated in Rome, Italy, ABUSIDARTE is based on the concept that if people won’t go to the art, then the art will go to the people! Kuala Lumpur will be the first city outside Rome to perform this project.

Come with questions. We like questions. Bring your camera. We like cameras. This is a public event and is open to everyone, especially you, yes you, thinking about participating in this year’s KL PHOTOAWARDS 2010.



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