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Magic: The Gathering – Malaysiargh

Posted by on Friday, 8 January, 2010 at 10:30 AM. Filed under: Gallery


KUALA LUMPUR, 7 Jan – Wizards of the Coast (WC), creator of the once-popular trading card game Magic: The Gathering, has launched a new series of cards that it believes will reach out and tap into a new breed of players.

“According to our statistics, the number of Malaysian card players – while has dipped in recent years due to the growing popularity of computer consoles like Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 – is once again on the rise,” said Eric Baldou, regional Managing Director for Sales for WC.

“This is due to rising electricity tariffs, which we expect will help increase the number of off-the-grid recreational pastimes like playing cards, along with activities such as reading and talking to your parents. To that end, we are introducing Magic: The Gathering – Malaysiargh, which carefully contextualises recent and current socio-political happenings and transforms them into carefully choreographed card-playing opportunities.”

When asked to explain what he meant by that lengthy description, Mr Baldou replied: “Well, we all agree that Malaysian politics is very, very entertaining, and there are many chances to incorporate these fascinating elements into a card game structure.”

Mr Baldou then proceeded to reveal a card from the set, ‘Hishamuddin’s Flip Flops’.

Unfortunately, a protest taking place outside forced the event to end.


Ribut di Kuala Lumpur or Storm over Kuala Lumpur is the brain-child of theatre practitioner, writer, designer, artist, Fahmi Fadzil.

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  1. yay says
    08/01/2010 12:50 PM

    very funny, stylish, and middle class but ….

    isn’t the artistivist just buying into the lingo of american pundits by using this whole ‘flip-flop’ term again and again..there’s no real argument/sense/logic in it either…come on, who / what never ever changes their mind or position?


    The whole of freakin Russia/China turned it back on Communism, and as a whole, I think people are living better there.

    The world is a system in flux, especially in this information age of ours, shifts are happening faster and faster and it is hard for anyone to be certain of anything.

    The satire needs to be more clear in the core issues/problem at stake. These side jabs are just time wasted distractions.

  2. Jai Ho says
    09/01/2010 12:36 AM

    To be honest, I don’t even understand the core issue/problem at stake.

    Is it the home ministry stoking racial/religous fires by bringing this issue to the limelight, and losing the case in court and then allowing the protests(ostentatiously in the name of peace and harmony????wut? but, good, 200 people? thats as sad as a good turnout for an art opening)

    or the catholics who should be chided who are knowingly stubborn(just dont use allah la)or should they be applauded for their courage in the face of such bullying?

    or is it the fanatics that refuse reason(eh hello, same abrahamic god?) or mediation?

    or is it our assumption that it is only the fanatics that are against the ruling(many young malays i know are against it)

    or, if the previous supposition is true, the malay/islamic siege mentality that our most promising flip flopper, KJ is talking about?

    dey, i dunno la. does it even matter now that so many churches are being torched ah?

  3. Name(required) says
    09/01/2010 8:11 AM

    The core problem is in the confusion caused by the abstract nature of numbers and languages.

    What is ‘one’?
    – one god, one nation, one world one dream (2ohoh8 Orympigs slogan remember?), neo, uno, game!

    – mathematics and counting might seem like the most natural thing in da world but it is not really loh

    – takes mathematicians hundreds of pages to prove that 1+1=2 ( http://blog.plover.com/math/PM.html )

    – counting has to be learnt or ‘numbers’ will be perceived differently apparently ( http://www.wnyc.org/shows/radiolab/episodes/2009/10/09 )

    What is ‘what’?
    – even if I am pointing at one cold oily goreng pisang, and say that it is one goreng pisang, is there only one goreng pisang? If I break the goreng pisang into two halfs, I can share it with you but what if you already had a mini goreng pisang already and the one I gave you was actually bigger portion thought it was half of something?

    – Jai Ho’s art opening quip has already pointed out that the scale of the imagined importance of the matter may be totally out of proportion to the actually number of people who gathered and protest, or the attention seekiness of new media people

    – Jai Ho’s closing is another number related reference but this time, one appears already to be too many..hmm thankfully no lives were lost(? how convenient/orchestrated?) because ‘one’ church is worth more than ‘one’ goreng pisang.

    – so what is the nature of god? something/someone that can be contained in a specific name? who needs a little tokong/temple/masjid to live? if you take a goreng pisang and break it into a thousand pieces and give it a home in the mouths of starving somalian pirates..would it still be goreng pisang?

    So what?

    So what is?

    dey dude, i dunno lah too, but some people act like they know, that is the core problem.

  4. Jai Ho says
    09/01/2010 12:35 PM

    could the prblem be caused by our consumption of goreng pisang and other deep fried heaty food, making us more hot tempered and oso lethargic ah?
    Like to talk so much but only so little nmbers(but enough to deep fry 3 church)

    Dey, if such unhealthy living is the root cause, maybe the sugar price hike will make us better individuals, able to think about God, existentialism and metaphysics more and more..

  5. yay says
    09/01/2010 1:07 PM

    “should they be applauded for their courage in the face of such bullying?”

    theseeee people, the linear-timer book readers hor, they really one kind one lor, either moon tribe or sun tribe, if you believe in the end of the world, and that destiny must be created, and that majority of the world are not chosen ones like you,

    then hor (in my most super humble opinions)

    you will relish the position of being misunderstood, of being bullied, of being the victim, of being stuborn and sticking on to your beliefs so so confidently, of being the matyre, of the coming end of the world..burn baby burn, damn your earthly hippy commune fantasies,

    heaven is where the real partay is at and the more we keep the infidels out /bring in more member-member, damn your secular civil laws..in heaven, your goreng pisang never gets cold

  6. Mohd k. says
    09/01/2010 4:43 PM

    I have no idea why everyone is fighting,I personally read both the quran and the holy bible, also the cathlic herald. I find them all to be fine publications.

    Good readings all.
    Thumbs up!

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    28/01/2010 4:32 AM

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