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Preparations – The Measuring Series

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Sabri Idrus, "Masa", 2009, Digital Print

Sabri Idrus, "Masa 2", 2009, Digital Print, 76 x 76 cm

Preparations – The Measuring Series contains works by three contemporary artists who are currently participating in the first Malaysia-Poland Cultural Exchange and Art Residency Program 2009: Sabri Idrus, Nasir Baharuddin and Hafiz Amirrol. The residency takes place in Pyzdry, Poland as part of the bilateral partnership between Malaysia and Poland.  Currently in progress, the Art Exchange/Residency Summer Program began on 4 July and takes place until 15 July. The Residency has begun at  the intiative of these artists and the Polish Embassy, and currently only involves these artists visiting Poland. On display at Shalini Ganendra Fine Art (The Private Gallery), the artists created these works, (all unique digital prints, measuring 76cm x 76cm), to express ideologies for their continuing work in the residency.

Sabri Idrus aims to unfold his critical notion towards the social condition and the parody against institutions that secures the definition between painting and crafting painting. Though the content of the work does not immediately communicate this message, the works show his dexterity in composition and his fascination with lines, colours and visual texture. He creates images of subtle colours and shapes which are hypnotic and spatially illusive.

Nasir Baharuddin is a practising artist and educator. His Art and Tecture(s) series of work are luminous architectural photographs, which capture a myriad of geometric patterns. He focused the camera on architectural structure; columns and beams that when enlarged create images that are simultaneously abstract and representational. The pictures in Art and Tecture(s) series also exploit the play of natural light across the objects to produce haunting results.

Ludic Tension, 2009, Digital Print

Nasir Baharuddin, "Ludic Tension", 2009, Digital Print, 76 x 76cm

Hafiz Amirrol has a slightly different background. He is an architect who is interested in design and explored this interest in his works. Both this series and his architectural focus are humanitarian. In this Measuring Series, he attempts to capture historical, political and architectural themes which raise issues of building for economically challenged areas. Hafiz uses subtle and transparent layerings of photographs, planometrics, sectional and 3D drawings, to create a digital montage to bring out issues of poverty and suffering.

Measures of in Between, 2009, Digital Print

Hafiz Amirrol, "Measures of in Between", 2009, Digital Print, 76 x 76 cm


Preparations – The Measuring Series is currently showing at Shalini Ganendra Fine Art, (The Private Gallery), from 3  July – 30 September, 2009, www.shaliniganendra.com. By appointment only. Tel: 7958 2175

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  1. VanHelzing says
    12/07/2009 11:13 PM

    >_@ iz diz ant exhibition reviez or izzit a prezz releazzz? Needs to be bit more critical for iz 2B a reviewZ

  2. williams o.olayemi-akingbade says
    04/08/2009 4:43 PM


    Kindly mail with the updates of your forth coming programmes.

    Thank you.

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