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Shadow painting

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Redza Piydasa, Empty Canvas On Which So Many Shadows Have Fallen, 1974 (part of Towards a Mystical Reality installation)


Vincent Leong, The Exhibition That Was (installation detail), 2007




Vincent also played ‘Rizal P. Dasar’ in The Fake Show held at Reka Art Space in 2006. ‘Piss-take’ parodies Piyadasa’s visual form not only to draw parallels between the artist and Duchamp, it is also a comical ribbing at the kind of zen and taoist inflected attitude to art-making and thinking┬áthat Redza Piyadasa and Sulaiman Esa were espousing in the ‘Towards A Mystical Reality’ exhibition, taking┬áthe form of an oriental pissoir.

A split-up pissoir is a highly appropriate allusion in more ways than the act of borrowing Piyadasa’s vocabulary. On the opening night of the ‘Towards a Mystical Reality’ exhibition, way back in 1974, in a brash but brilliant display of one-upmanship in the most inimitably dadaist fashion, Salleh Ben Joned, effant terrible of Malaysian poetry, urinated on the manifesto.


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  1. SB says
    28/03/2009 3:44 PM

    Nice. Don’t forget Vincent’s take on the whole range of Jolly Koh’s aesthetics vs. Apple screensaver, and Lee Kian Seng’s ‘Resumption and Consumption’.

    Can’t remember who and when I heard it from, and how valid it is, that Piyadasa and Sulaiman Esa were aware of and didn’t stop Salleh Ben Joned’s stunt.

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